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Whether you’re a first-time or experienced buyer with excellent credit, I have access to a myriad of products. I work with Canada’s leading Financial Institutions including major Banks, Trust Companies, and Credit Unions to get you the mortgage that fits your needs. Let’s make your dreams a reality.


Whether you’re a first time buyer or a seasoned property investor, this large financial transaction is a big decision, which is why I provide the information and guidance you need to make the most of your home purchase options. 


Refinancing means renegotiating your existing mortgage loan agreement, usually to access the equity in your home, or to lower other borrowing costs by taking advantage of a lower interest rate. Refinancing can help you consolidate debt or pay for other large expenses like education or renovations. I will work with you to determine the steps involved in the refinancing process and whether this route is right for you.

Mortgage Renewals

It’s no surprise most Canadians spend more time shopping for an initial mortgage than on mortgage renewals. To ensure you’re saving the most money, all term options should be taken into consideration when renewing, rather than signing up with your current lender because it’s the first one presented to you – consider dealing with a mortgage professional, like myself, to shop around for you. You’ll be amazed at the other options available to you!

New To Canada

New to Canada Program makes it possible for individuals relocating to Canada to purchase a home sooner with as little as 5% down. Financing is available to borrowers with permanent and non-permanent residence status and where there is limited Canadian credit history and where foreign credit bureaus may not be available.

Contract Employment

An employee who works under contract for an employer. A contract employee is hired for a specific job at a specific rate of pay. A contract employee does not become a regular addition to the staff and is not considered a permanent employee. For further details, call me to discuss so I can guide you through the process!

CHIP Mortgages

With a smaller cash flow and the threat of unforeseen circumstances, retirement often leaves seniors feeling anxious about their financial future. Luckily, the CHIP Mortgage is a financial solution designed to help eligible homeowners over 55 to maintain ownership of their home. Unlike traditional mortgages, a chip mortgage does not require any monthly payments until you sell your home. Interested in hearing more? Contact me today to discuss your options!

Bridge Loans

Bridge loans are obtained when the new purchase is closing prior to the closing date of their current home.

B Lending, Alternative Lending and Bad Credit

Sometimes obtaining financing is a little more difficult, especially individuals with bad credit, but with the right resources and guidance from a mortgage professional, a variety of solutions are available. Fortunately, alternative lenders have emerged to meet the needs of those whose limited or bad credit history prevents them from meeting the usual criteria when purchasing a home.


Traditional banks have a difficult time verifying the income of those who are self-employed. The key to obtaining the right mortgage is to have access to lenders who specifically tailor to the self-employed individual needs. 

Foreign/Non-Resident Program

Financing for individuals that do not own a home or have credit history in Canada.

Commercial Mortgages

Have you been thinking big? Commercial loans can be used to purchase properties such as apartments, nursing homes, retirement homes, duplex, triplex, sixplex. Contact me for more details!

Construction Loans

A construction mortgage is a type of mortgage used to finance the construction of a home, and typically only requires interest be paid during the construction period. Once the building phase is completed, the loan amount becomes due and it becomes a standard mortgage.

Private Financing

Looking for a temporary solution to an immediate problem?

When borrowers don’t qualify for a mortgage with an A or B lender, private lenders can assist in providing a short-term, interest only loan secured by your real estate. With a slightly different criteria than traditional mortgages, these lenders take into account a property’s overall value and marketability, rather than just the borrower’s credit history. Due to their flexibility, private mortgage rates and fees will be much higher and borrowers only pay interest-only payments. 

Private mortgages are a temporary fix to help you through immediate concerns, making it my goal to put you on a path to move your mortgage to an A lender. Let’s discuss your plan!

With over 15 years of knowledge and experience in the financing industry,
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